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Tate Elementary School
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P.O. Box 268 | 5630 Highway 53 East | Tate, Georgia | 706.253.1860 | Fax 706.253.1865 | Information Line 706.253.1710
  • Have a Safe Summer
  • Have a Safe Summer
  • Have a Safe Summer
  • Have a Safe Summer
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School Profile

Tate Elementary was established in 1927 by Georgia Marble Company president, Colonel Sam Tate.  Colonel Sam Tate was instrumental in bringing the community to life – with a school, houses with electricity, as well as recreational activities for the small village’s families.  During a Christmas pageant in 1927, the wooden school burned leaving the community saddened.  But in his own unique style, Colonel Sam remained committed to education and rebuilt a grand two-story, column-flanked, marble beauty that we call our school.  We are fortunate that we continue to create history in a building that has been a high school, theater for local acting groups, as well as a Masonic lodge.   In 2005, Tate Elementary, along with the Georgia Marble Company and Tate Historic District, was placed on the State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division’s National Register of Historic Places.  Today, our auditorium contains two items saved from the fire – a life-sized portrait of Colonel Sam Tate and a baby grand piano.  Tate Elementary is not just a school, it’s an experience.   We not only teach students, but we build and maintain relationships with families.

After the execution of a redistricting initiative to balance the student population between the elementary schools, TES has acquired an additional 50 students and their families.  Our current student population is approximately 315 and we have a 64% economically disadvantaged population rate.  We have consistently been designated as a Title I Distinguished School.  Our faculty consists of 15 regular education teachers in grades K-5, three special education teachers who co-teach the majority of their day, one media specialist, one part-time teacher of the gifted, one part-time EIP teacher, one part-time PE teacher, one full-time Art/Music teacher, one academic coach, three special education paraprofessionals, three regular education kindergarten paraprofessionals,an assistant principal, and our principal.  


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